Corey Harrison


Aside from being a reality television star and business man, Corey also know as "Big Hoss" has a passion for Harley's and has been a proud biker for years. Although he doesn't have much free time, he enjoys going on rides every opportunity he gets. However, don't let the tough persona of a biker fool you, Corey is a kind spirit at heart and loves helping others whether its signing an autograph for a fan or taking time from his busy schedule to show his support for great causes by attending benefits that raise awareness. He is a family man that cherishes the people near and dear to him, there is no greater feeling for Corey than that to be surrounded by the company of his loved ones. Born and raised in Las Vegas Corey is a native to the entertainment industry of the city and understands how brutal it can be, he often shows support to other local businesses in an effort to help them succeed. He loves his city and wants nothing more than for everyone to make it. Working with and being the son of Rick Harrison and the grandson of the "Old Man" Corey has compared their relationship to the most normal dysfunctional tyranny of love. A man of clever words and sarcastic phrases Corey is known for his humorous analogies, perhaps one of his most memorable quotes is " Life ain't all burritos and strippers, if you can't handle it wear a helmet". Humor such as this is one of the reasons why Corey is such a lovable guy, not to mention he has a contagious vibe that protrudes positive energy to everyone around him. Corey will be the first to tell you that some of his toughest life lessons have come with the price of fame and although difficult as they may have been he has overcome and prevailed through each and every one. Newly married to his beautiful wife Kiki, these days he is living a more subtle but stable happy life that he attributes to all the humbling experiences of being a celebrity.